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Monday, January 23, 2006

25 To Life Writer Calls Arnie A Hypocrite

And how can one not agree with him?

Williams says he finds it ironic that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to introduce legislation that clamps down on violent games.

"How can Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guy who has made some of the most violent movies in the history of entertainment and made hundreds of millions of dollars off this stuff, be trying to tell some video game guys not to make video games with mature ratings?

"It's so hypocritical. It's totally ridiculous."
-- Cop-killing mayhem is intended for adults only

On a relevant point, I saw Underworld: Evolution this weekend. I'll probably talk opinion later, but let's safely say it's not for kids. This movie might have an award for most heads ripped off. There's a little sex. And yes, a few law enforcement (well, military) types might an untimely demise.

Half of our post-move discussion was about the number of kids we saw at the theatres. One of these kids couldn't have been more than four.

Yeah, it's the industry that has a problem here. Parents taking their kids to go see people get dismemebered and roll around in blood are completely blameless and utterly helpless against the power of advertising.

Whatever. Wonder how many kids have seen Arnie's movies. I'm guessing quite a few.

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