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Monday, January 23, 2006

Alternate Handhelds

Yahoo! Games looks at a few handhelds made by people who don't rhyme with Mintendo or Zony. This includes the GP2X which is UNIX based and hopes for a strong independent and amatuer showing to keep it afloat. Some parts are funny, like where they complain of the GP2X's eight hour battery life ... which is like almost three times that of the PSP. Still I do think that in this day and age every handheld device should come with a charger. They also cover the XGP and iRiver's atttractive G10. Towards the end they make the inevitable comparison to the Tapwave Zodiac, of which I've talked about before.

Will these handhelds be able to avoid a similar fate? I've not heard of many people developing for them, but I sure wish I would.

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