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Monday, January 23, 2006

Attacking Peter Moore

So Dan Hsu took at least one kid glove off when interviewed Peter Moore about the 360, a feat which earned him Penny Arcade cred and more than a few detractors.

I definately wish there were more articles like this in games journalism. The hokey jokey rubbing of elbows interviews can so easily turn into prolonged press releases and let's be honest ... games journalism doesn't exactly bring a lot of accountability to the industry. If the 360 shipped without power cables, there would be plenty of articles on it, but few people would bother to really find someone to rake over the coals as would be justly deserved.

If the 360 is so justly deserved, as I've mentioned, is something of a debate on it's own. I'm not getting one anytime soon, so I should probably bow out of the conversation on that point now.

But to say that the 360 launch doesn't have some open questions is just silly ... and I'd rather have those questions get sharpened points.

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