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Friday, December 09, 2005

360 Doesn't Like Your Ripped Music

According to techbully ragblog Boing Boing, the 360 will only play audio from CDs it rips itself. Is this true? I could have sworn I've read hands on reports of people streaming MP3's big daddy style from their home computer network, but I could be insane.

If true, that's a completely inane move on Microsoft's part. iTunes and iPods prove that people are moving to a digitally centric method of playing their music. Limiting the 360 to being a fancy jukebox rather than being able to communicate freely with the users' existing hardware just doesn't sound like much of a feature.

For the record, I use an Airport Express to stream music from iTunes to the living room. Installed in a snap, works like a dream and has the handy feature of not requiring bludgeoning through customer lines to get one.

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1 comment:

Patrick said...

Those fat cats just love to build IP barriers wherever they can. This is amoung the reasons why I won't be buying an Xbox 360.