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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Luxinia - 3D Lua based engine

The title mostly says it all, Luxinia is a 3D engine based on the Lua scripting language. It's got a sliding scale license from free to not-so-free depending on what your needs in terms of branding and source release might require. The screenshots look pretty good, although they won't be giving the high end engines any run for their money. Still, there are plenty of Lua fanatics out there that are probably glad to get their hands on it. (thanks

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Thomas said...

It's always interesting when scripting engines make their way into design. For example, it always amuses me that the Crash Bandicoot games were designed using Lisp.

zet said...

Read this:
it is much text but it is worth the reading.

You shouldn't judge a project by the choice of programming languages.