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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Over The Cubicle Wall

I'm currently involuntarily listening in on some co-workers talk about various gaming issues. Hot topics like whether the PSP plays PS2 games, what that two screened thing is called and when Microsoft is releasing a new console.

But what's cool is that it's spontaneously gone from just a couple of people to like five. Remember, these are your average white collar corporate professional types. It's really hard to buy into the "video-heads grow into social retards hellbent on destruction" prudish monotone crap when you hear an AS/400 programmer ask if anyone has played Super Monkey Ball.

To all you ubermoralistic pansy whiners who honestly think games are the signs of decay in society. You're too late. Games are here. Games are culture. Games are society. Right now, you almost certainly have a friend who plays video games on at least a semi-regular basis.

And nothing horrible has happened. So just deal with it.

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