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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Xbox 360 Hard Drives Smaller Than Advertised?

Apparently, Microsoft keeps 1/3 of the 360 hard drive to itself:

The Xbox 360 hard drive is certainly 20GB in total, but players can never access more than 13GB of storage space - just two thirds of the stated size.

Obviously some space will always be required by the operating system, as true of everything from iPods to desktop computers, but it's rarely such a high proportion.

The Windows XP operating system for PC, for instance, uses less than 2GB of hard disk space.

-- 360 hard drive - a third smaller than advertised?

Microsoft is just not doing a lot of things right with this launch. Shortages resulting in pre-orders going unfulfilled and the general feeling of "can't have" as opposed to "must have". Overheating charges. Scratched discs. Poor Low Def quality. Lackluster backwards compatibility. Now, a shrunken hard drive?

I'm gonna guess someone in Redmond can't wait for Halo 3 to release.

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