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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thompson Attacks Hilary

The anti-game group is starting to look like a daytime soap opera. First everyone on that side of the fences loves BatJack. Then NIMF tell BatJack to take a hike. BatJack tells NIMF he didn't love them anyway. Now, in a column for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, BatJack is sticking it to his ex-bedmate Hilary Clinton.

What did Clinton do then? Within days, she accepted the offer of the Entertainment Software Association to throw her a $1,000-a-plate campaign fund-raising breakfast attended by video game industry moguls! ESA President Doug Lowenstein, who organized the fund-raiser, is the lobbyist leading the charge against Clinton's video game bill. What goes on here?

It's what former Clinton adviser Dick Morris calls "triangulation." Hillary is positioning herself "to the right" of the Republicans on this hot-button "culture war" issue while winking at the video game industry by proposing a bill that she and they know is unconstitutional and poses no threat. She wants to have her electoral cake and eat the industry's campaign contributions, too.

"Too clever by half," as the Brits say, because some of us out here are not as dumb as she thinks.
-- What kind of game is Hillary Clinton playing?

News to Jack. You're aren't really a threat either, considering your nack for getting thrown off cases. So maybe you should take your own advice and let the adults work this out.

And the email address to remind the Star-Telegram that Thompson is a mildy insane lawyer with his license recently removed in Alabama and only really good at arguing cases to a news camera would be

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