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Monday, December 12, 2005

Games Train For Disaster

"These games let people train on their own schedules," said Eric Holdeman, an expert in disaster relief and director of Washington state's King County Office of Emergency Management. "And it gets us away from death by PowerPoint in the typical classroom environment. It's also cost-effective."

The first game, which took three months to develop, trains health workers to respond to an anthrax outbreak. A massive flu pandemic simulation is in the works.

Players learn how to set up MASH sites, evaluate patients and dispense drugs. They also are trained to distribute medications to health-care sites and notify the public, instructing people on what to do -- without instilling panic.
-- Games Tackle Disaster Training

Again, it's always good to see games doing some good. Course the antigame nuts also point to these examples and swear it's proof that it can train people to be a sniper.

To which I would respond, "Your appendix has to come out. Your doctor was trained on a PlayStation 2. Any questions?"

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Thomas said...

Yeah, but can we do something about the drivers trained on Crazy Taxi?

Brinstar said...

Get the people trained on GTA to jack their vehicles.