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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Your Neil Gaiman is in my Jim Henson

The Girl and I stumbled on a preview for MirrorMask while watching Steamboy last night. With a guy like Neil Gaiman working on the story and the Henson studio running visuals, comparisons to Dark Crystal, Alice in Wonderland and the Labrynth are easy to make.


Corvus said...

You should check out the making of book at your local book store. Beautiful stuff.

Thomas said...

...comparisons to Dark Crystal, Alice in Wonderland and the Labrynth are easy to make.

Good god, I hope not. I Netflixed the Dark Crystal and Labrynth lately, and thought they were terrible films.

But Gaiman, typically, is indeed quality.

Winkyboy said...

Thomas, I'm positive you're going to be in the minority with that opinion of Dark Crystal & Labyrinth.

But pretty much anything from the Jim Henson company is the chocolate sprinkles on top of the Sundae!

Thomas said...

Oh, I'm sure I'll be far in the minority. But I wonder how much of the majority's opinion is just nostalgia.

I mean, I had the Dark Crystal lunchbox and the novelization when I was a kid. I wasn't a fanatic, but I liked it. Watching it now, I feel a little unclean. The puppetry is largely good, but the acting was terrible and the plotting just didn't feel good to me.

It's all subjective, of course, and I won't say the majority is wrong to enjoy them, but I was really surprised by how both movies viewed in the light of day.

Hopefully Gaiman's writing can match the level of the visuals, and I'll have nothing to complain about.

Josh said...

I do love both movies myself, but would agree that minus some nostalgia Dark Crystal feels a little childish and Labrynth is a but too musical :)

But they were both very expiremental for their time and puppets had a lot of toy stigma. I'm thinking with getting people like Gaiman on board, they are setting a more serious and artistic tone. The preview looked great. C, having seen this fancy book, might be able to elaborate more.

Corvus said...

By and large, the Muppet Show and the first Muppet Movie aside, I find projects that involve the Henson studio, but that aren't produced by the Henson studio to be where they truly shine.

Their work in Dreamchild was excellent, for example.

This is even more true now that Jim is dead.

Brinstar said...

I'm looking forward to this one. I've been vaguely following Gaiman's progress on Mirror Mask on his blog, and it looks promising.