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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend Geekery

I tried moblogging from downtown on Friday, but the few wifi spots I could find didn't seem to jive with the Zaurus. Granted the Berghoff is probably not the highest tech spot in town and Millenium Park was just wishful thinking.

While my brother was down, though, the old Nokia 6100 killed of it's battery just shy of two hours. This prompted a much needed trip to the Cingular store. I got a Nokia 6230, which quite as it sounds is almost identical to my old camera except with all the fixings, bluetooth probably being the most important to me. The Girl had originally made some noises about wanting a Treo, but the cost gave her a bit of a fright, so she was about to just go the cheapie vid camera route ... until she saw that Sony Ericsson 1.3 megapixel which is, according to the sales rep, "really a camera that's a phone." At that point I'm rather amazed she didn't just rip the demo from his hands and run out the door. In the long run, she did end up with a more tricked out phone than myself, although she doesn't really want to admit to it.

Today I'm going to spend most of the day working on UAC. I just got the rock generators working, which makes it a virtually unlimited asteroid belt. It doesn't have any real collection routine though, so I'm sure it's a time delayed performance hog right now. I've got another working title for UAC (Untitled Asteroids Clone), but I want to make sure it feels right before I start using it.

Next I got to get the reticle code cleaned up, and then just make ship collisions/etc., work correctly. I haven't decided what the "core" of the gameplay for UAC will be, before I'm willing to release it. Definately asteroids shooting, but likely an outpost base to at least buy supplies (did I mention there will be only one life per game?) and possibly 2 player support as well. With the plexiglass PC rig coming next week, I might actually get a PC build in as well.

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