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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Revolution Tilting

Guardian Gamesblog questions questioning the rumor that the revolutionary aspect of the Nintendo controller is just force feedback married to a gyroscope. Then they seem to question that. Inquisitive lot, the British.

I agree. Well maybe, I'm still confused on the question. Here's the thing. Would that really be so un-revolutionary?

Imagine holding something about the size of an opened DS or perhaps a tall PSP in your hands. Now all overt movement could be handled by tilting or rotating the pad, while controls on the pad offer a variety of optional commands.

For instance, in a first person shooter, you could look around by tilting the pad, but move and shoot with the buttons. In a driving game, the pad could serve as a wheel. Third person games could have either camera control or motion, etc. Depending on the implentation - it could be a really user friendly and versatile input method.

Course, it might also just make a gamer look like an idiot waving his hands around on the couch. But I'm guessing Nintendo would have their people look into that.

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