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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Have No PC Karma

The plexiglass rig arrived at the post office yesterday. The whole thing started a bit odd because the office mailroom said they couldn't pick it up. So I went to get it over lunch and then opened it up when I got home.

The first thing I noticed was that parts of the plexiglass were cracked, and a couple pieces had actually broken off. OK, so, not pretty. But not that bad. But then I noticed this:

Anyone who has popped open their toaster to see what's inside may have just cringed. See, there's something missing there. And that would be:

The heat sink. That would be the same thing that I was trying to replace on my old box and ending up breaking it. Apparently I wronged some gypsy woman and now have a heat sink curse. See, heat sinks are supposed to be very tight against the cpu to transfer heat directly. When this heat sink was unceremoniously removed (probably when the package was dropped or thrown), it took most of the bracketing along with it.

Making it very difficult to put back on. In fact, this particular motherboard seems to use white plastic screws for the mounting that don't appear to have any desire to be removed. I rejiggled every connection on the board, swapped out the video card with my old one and even tried setting the box on it's side to keep the sink as tight as possible ... finally getting the box to boot, but it eventually just overheated and crashed.

Thankfully, the seller was wise enough to insure it. So now the post office can pay for what they broke.

Maybe I'm just meant to be a Mac person.


shane said...

Yeah I always build my own computer from the parts I pick at the local shop. If you want something done right, do it yourself - as they say. Yes, I would love to have a Mac. For blogging at the cafe's, design work et cetera. Maybe I should do full-time reviews of Mac related products, perhaps they'd send me some goodies.

Jeffool said...

Nah, I think this is more like "This happens to you because you're a Mac guy." See, you've angered the PC gods. Now they must have their revenge.

Josh said...

It gets better. The post office is totally haggling about this and I have to go back with printouts and like glossy 8x10s with arrows on the back to explain to some poor woman who works on a green screen all day that the rig is probably worth even more than insured.

Vengeance indeed.