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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What Could Have Been

The great news is that Microsoft not only has a plan to allow developers to purchase a devkit directly from them, but a free Prototype Kit to allow anyone to test their XBox code on PC hardware! Read it here! The bad news? It was announced in 2000, before the XBox launched, and to my knowledge a single kit was never shipped by this program.
-- Microsoft embraces indy game devs [Outside Looking In]

While I think the old MS has done some great inroads in getting indies onto the console, it definately sounds like it could have been so much more. Maybe they'll try again with the 360.

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Jeffool said...

I think indy developers (and small devs) could benefit greatly by Microsoft allowing games to be sold in their XBox Live Arcade or XBox Live Marketplace with the X360. Of course, the problem that makes it not worth their while is that they would be held responsible for all of the games available for download.

It's nice to think that they could put up a disclaimer and be done with it, but they wouldn't allow the X360 to be open to such mass amounts of potential garbage games and broken code. Not to mention the possibilities of pornographic games and copyright violations.