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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Problem Sues

So let me get this right.

Rockstar supposedly "deceives" the ESRB by not detailing unlocked content which someone could only unlock by breaking the legal agreement inherent in using the software when they submitted the game for review. This I am to believe is a heinous crime worth much ado, even though I can't find or get anyone to show me that such non-disclosure was even against the ESRB's original rules on the matter until they changed those rules to include modified content.

But this woman knowingly purchases a game rated mature for her fourteen year old son and now expects monetary compensation because ... he might have access to really crappy softcore porn?

Her lawyer even has the balls to say that no parent would knowingly buy an adult-only video game for their children? Really? So knowingly purchasing a game reknowned for earning health and money by killing the hooker who just boned you doesn't count?

Anyone out there actually going to try and tell me the problem is Rockstar? Anyone want to try that with a straight face? That the problem isn't the parents, the lawyers and the ESRB? Because unless the mod community also released a patch which rendered this woman completely stupid, I'm not buying it.

So let's catch up on the fallout so far.

-Major title removed from Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Circuit City.
-Modifications scrutinized for being able to alter ESRB ratings post-purchase.
-Lawsuits for fining store clerks for peddling violent games emboldened.
-EA gets sued for Sims 2.
-FTC investigation announced.
-Class action suit filed by all those parents who were "tricked" into buying GTA for their kids.


1 comment:

Brinstar said...

Argh! I knew something like this would be coming... How can anyone take that woman seriously? The label on the game clearly states that there is violence and sexual content, and that it was made for Mature players... Head hurts...