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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday MoBloggin

I'm not sure how much the backyard counts as mobile bloggery, but it's a start. The Girl is off reading in her sun and my old friend Seth is still crashed on our futon, sleeping off our night of drinking and watching FireFly DVDs.

This morning I got a chance to fuss with the SmartJoy adaptor, GamePad companion and Torque 2D. This is the first real step in getting the Mini to behave like a console. Results were pretty positive, though a little touchy and disappointimgly slow in-game.

Zoink. Battery just ran out. The Z needed a quick recharge after a morning full of blogrolling I guess. Gave me a chance to try the SmartJoy again. Now the main problem is the game speed, which seems odd since I don't even know why Torque would realize that the PS2 controller was anything but a mouse.

But it's a start. If we head downtown this afternoon, I'll bring Z along for some warhiking.

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