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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Psychochild & Free Speech

I'd have to say there isn't much new for avid Cathode Tan readers in this ... talks about how this is a new culture war, comparisons to the attacks on comics and role-playing games, and the chilling aspect such censorship movements can have on art.

But that doesn't mean it isn't wonderfully written and should merit a thorough read:

Finally, we come to video games. Now we have politicians and legal advisors clamoring to decry something they understand so little about. Again we have a medium which encourages creativity, problem solving, an interest in bending the rules, along with a way to convey meaningful messages to a wide audience. This is the double-whammy in the eyes of the older generation. Surely this medium is corrupting children and leading them astray?

Of course, one of the things about comics, role-playing games, and video games is that they aren't always for children. Japan, a culture that never had the Comics Code Authority, has a thriving comics industry that sells to multiple markets. In addition to simple tales for children, you have more complex tales of romance, mystery, horror, and intrigue. Yes, you even have comics dealing with sexuality in Japan! Further, according to the ESA, the average game player is 30 years old. Thirty! If a 30-year-old isn't able to handle a bit of consensual sex in his violent game, I don't think it's the developer's fault.
-- Free speech and video games [Psychochild's Blog]

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