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Saturday, July 23, 2005


So in my continuing quest of all things wifi, I got a Zaurus 5500 with a wifi card off of eBay - of which I'm currently using both to blog right now.

For the most part it's geeky goodness ... it was cheap ($150 for both) ... it's got Linux and a ton of apps and is wildly versatile, sporting both an SD and CF slot. More than a PDA, I'm using it as a portable terminal and media browser. Like a poor man's PSP but with shell commands.

The wifi seems tempermental and while the keyboard is slick, it's taken me about 10 minutes to type this so far. It's also not exactly a powerhouse ... hires mpegs skip and stutter a lot.

The battery life is also remarkably PSP like, showing just how prevalent such issues are with multifunction portables.

Still, it's neat to see this kind of tech become cheap and ubiqitous. This guy is far more powerful than any PDA I've had to date (which has been quite a few), and also the least expensive.

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