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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Clinton's Solution

Clinton's soon-to-be-proposed legislation will call for a $5,000 maximum penalty for retailer caught selling or renting violent and pornographic video games to minors. Much like the way cigarettes and alcohol are sold, M- and AO-rated video games would be kept out of minors' reach by being placed in locked cases and behind counters, only to be retrieved with ID, she said
-- Clinton to propose legislation on video games

So, um. To everyone who said the Demuzio Law would just get laughed away and never had a foundation to begin with?

This is only getting worse. Not better. Don't expect the First Amendment to protect games here.

I gotta head out for a while. More on this when I get back.


Jeff Freeman said...

Oh, that's not so bad. A lot of places keep the actual games locked-up anyway, and just have empty boxes out where people can touch them.

More ridiculous here is that there's both an M and AO rating at all. M is 17+ and AO is 18+. What's THAT about?

Could it be that M is a wink, wink, nudge, nudge "not for kids, but not too bad so buy it for kids anyway" kind of rating to begin with?

Maybe we shouldn't have a rating like that.

Brinstar said...

This is horrible. Is the industry powerful enough to stop this legislation from passing? Cos it will pass. It's an easy opportunity for politicians to score points with their constituencies.

Are porn magazines sold this way? I know that they are top shelf and out of physical reach by youngsters, but are there penalties for selling minors porn? What about DVDs? Any penalties for selling R and NC-17 material to kids?

Video games are not the same as other media, but as "dangerous" as cigarettes and alcohol? This country is becoming more insane as the years go by.