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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Out of Curiosity

For all the people glad the ESRB "finally took action" (by crumbling underneath political and media pressue) ...

What possible good do you actually see from this?


Corvus said...

I know you probably think I'm in that camp (although I'm not, exactly), so I'll comment.

I think it sucks that it's happening the way it is. I know the current solution (recalling disks, issuing the game without the hidden content and textures) is one I called for last week, but that's not because it's the way I think the world should work, but because I thought it was the best way to mend some fences and head the current situation off at the pass.

I see no "good" coming of this. If Take Two and Rockstar had acted sooner, perhaps we could hope for "less bad" but now I suspect it's too late.

The best thing that could have happened would have been for Rockstar to not include the material that allowed the mod in the first place. I'd like to say the second best thing they could have done is to stick to their guns and gone toe to toe with in the arena of public opinion, but the public doesn't seem to be paying that much attention. It's just us and the politicians watching another free speech front getting eroded in the name of protecting our children (and by that I mean, protecting our children from the other children whose parents obviously aren't doing a "good job") from sex.

Josh said...

I'd pretty much agree with that. I think it was bad for Rockstar to leave enough behind to make this easier ...
I just don't think it's the ESRB arena to police breaches of the EULA.

I wonder how long it will take some artful hacker to patch the PC game back to a Hot Coffee state once Rockstar "fixes" it.