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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Behemoth's Next Big Thing

Derek over at The Independant Gaming Source (or tigger as I like to call it) has pictures and details of the next game from Behemoth, the makers of the indie success Alien Hominid:

There wasn't too much else to see, honestly! Tom told me that there was an entire small level available, but the game always crashed halfway through (or a player would get stuck in mid-air). Along with the roast beast, there was also a "weapon pick-up" in the form of a golden thing-a-ma-bob. The pick-up didn't seem to have any noticeable effect on the game at this point in time. Enemies consisted of orc grunts (who wore different outfits but seemed to behave the same), and an orc wizard, who popped out of the bushes to cast some spells.
-- The Behemoth's Next Game: Exclusive SDCC Preview!

Sounds awesome, and there isn't enough FBI agents or yetis in the world to keep me from getting it.

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