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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Notable Hot Coffee Column

Notable because it actually has a decent focus on a gamer:

Among the many teenagers taking advantage of game cheats and mods is Charlie Smith of Glendale, Calif. An avid video-game player, Charlie competes in online leagues with his fellow gamers, and he has downloaded mods for the controversial "Grand Theft Auto," or GTA, as well as other games. Charlie hasn't used the Hot Coffee program, he says, nor has he come across any others that might change a game's rating in the same way.

The mods he uses do things like allow his character to fly and make him less likely to die during a game. He doesn't know anyone who's looked at the Hot Coffee mod, he adds. "That seems like sort of an isolated thing," Charlie says.

Far from being a negative force, the mod community in general has come to play an important role in the development of the industry, say media watchers.
-- What lurks inside video games []

Nice to see an unbiased column which doesn't try to throw down fear in order to hook readers.

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Jeffool said...

Three sentences: I'm not a Christian. I am a news-junkie. The Christian Science Monitor is one of the best news sites out there.