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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Take me back. It will be better this time. Honest.

I can't help but be cynical when people gush in previews about another upcoming Shiny developed Matrix game. I mean Earthworm Jim was kinda nifty, but Shiny's track record doesn't exactly follow their name, if you get my meaning. Enter the Matrix was a sloppy mess of a game with a few interesting mechanics overrun by a hundred clumsy ones.

Apparently the codependant response is justified by the fact that A) You get to play Neo and B) they've somehow managed to fit hundreds of Agent Smiths on the screen without killing the framerate.

A) I really don't want to play Neo. His story is written and already overdone.

B) It's not like this is the first time Shiny has impressed previewers with flashy technology:

"When we introduced the RT-DAT engine to the world, it took the industry by storm. They never expected that it was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of technology that's behind the game!" declared David Perry. "There isn't one thing that any other game out there is doing that we haven't incorporated into the game's engine: volumetric lighting, tessellation, polygonal deformation, streaming audio & video, portal technology, animation interpolation, skeletal animation, the list goes on and on!"
-- Shiny's David Perry

What happened to that game being previewed? Messiah for the PS2? Oh right, it was cancelled.

Fool me once...

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