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Friday, May 13, 2005

Story Versus Profit

Stop what you're doing and go read Man Bytes Blog's Sing it to Me One More Time. It's a brilliant dissection of yet another lamentation of the current PC industry:

He then goes on to talk about his company’s history and how, in their pursuit of making more money, the quality of their games started to decline. I think the lesson there is pretty self evident. True, we need to make a living doing this, but if you really want to make games, living the life of a rock star seems more distracting than productive.

I mean bam. He also does a wonderful job of covering aspects of the indie movement as a reaction to the big industry, profit-orientated games. And of course what's especially sanguine about that is that if anything what indie games need right now is exposure. Mods get more attention than indie titles most of the time, and while I'm all for mods getting press ... they're a dead end when it comes to creating a truly viable alternate market. You just can't pitch under someone's tent without paying the rent.

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Corvus said...

Thanks for the nod and taking the time to post a link. I'm glad you liked my rant.

My current host is having issues with PHP services, and server response times, which explains why trackbacks don't always function correctly. I've got 3 or 4 trouble tickets open with them about the issues...