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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sly 3D in ... real 3D

According to IGN, Sly will ship with 3D glasses. Wonder how Gamefly will adjust to that? Any rate ... it's trying hard to shirk the "gimmick" angle:

Instead of just a little gimmick of seeing a game in three dimensions with lots of pieces flying towards the viewer, this feature will help players out as well. Dodging lasers will be easier with some depth perception. For the collectors out there, there will be some objects that can only be attained in the 3D mode. Of course, there will also be levels that will be designed with 3D in mind just to provide a fun and unique experience.

C'mon. It's a gimmick. And you know what - that's really OK. It's a very cool gimmick and it's good to see people trying things like this. Anyone remember Leather Goddess of Phobos and it's Smell-O-Vision?

What I've always wondered is why someone doesn't use similar technology to seperate out multiplayer screens on one monitor. Yeah, it would take some creative art production and design, but it would be neat to play a strategy game off a console where your opponent had no idea what you were plotting.

1 comment:

Winkyboy said...

I still HAVE the (original 5.25!) Leather Goddesses with all the original accessories... This game probably ranks in the top three for me, in the "made me fall to the floor laughing" category... :)