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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Remember Jack?

Our good friend Jack Thompson will be taking his ignoble fight to the White House:

If the video game industry is allowed, unchecked, to continue to raise our children, then at this pace pretty soon “No Child Left Behind” will morph into “No Child Left Alive.”

President Bush’s oft-repeated mantra that the answer to the entertainment industry’s assault upon our children is that “parents need to be better parents” is an insufficient firewall against the above outrage coming to a school near you.

CONTACT Jack Thompson at 305-666-4366 for additional information.

No Child Left Alive. Catchy. Completely delusional wacked out psychotic, but catchy. Anyone care to jingle Jack for that extra information? I understand he's very conversational with gamers (if by conversation you'd accept belligerent and rude).

Link found via codemonkey uk.

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