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Friday, May 13, 2005

Set XBox up teh FBomb

Here is a lovely rant on the XBox unveiling aptly titled "GAF Blogs E3 » WTF??? (warning, curses within)":

Oh, yeah, they showed some people going to Rare's studio to get motion captured for Perfect Dark Zero, including one of the twins who co-founded the XBL clan PMS. Then they got to play a round of team death-match on the game in front of the crowd and the cameras. So, what do we see from it? About 10 seconds of game footage (if that), and the rest of the time is the cameras were showing the people who were playing the goddamn game.

It's pretty harsh ... but sounds completely deserving. It's funny that during the XBox lovefest which has been this week to hear such a rabidly antagonistic look at the presentation - but seriously, the guy's got a point. Have video games become so much of glitz that when you reveal a new console ... you show only the glitz and none of the video game? That's bad. Really bad.

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