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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Demuzio Bill is now Law

But supporters insisted the government has a duty to help parents shield children from violence and sexuality. "Don't let them become the monsters that we see in these violent games," Democratic Rep. Monique Davis said.

- Ill. Lawmakers Seek Video Game Sales Ban

Sorry, I would have something to say ... but I just vomited in my own mouth.


Brinstar said...

The government has a duty to stay out of the affairs of private citizens, and to allow parents to make choices for their own children. It shouldn't be up to the government to pick up where lazy or uneducated parenting leaves off.

Hopefully this will make its way through the courts and get struck dwon.

Corvus said...

I'm pretty sure it will. I think every state law along these lines has been so far.

Josh said...

I keep hearing that, and I certainly hope it's true - but this is actually a new breed of law from what I can tell.

ESA's best chance will be to prove that video games are not a public health risk. While I think most rational people can agree that it's true, the lawmakers seem to be falling for the fuzzy logic of the science. Let's hope a judge doesn't agree with the Illinois Congress.

Josh said...

Just saw that Wired article, and now I am a little more confident. A judge could easily knock this down for being poorly worded/over-reaching/vague.

Corvus said...

For the benefit of others, the Wired article Josh just mentioned can be found here:,2101,67677,00.html

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