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Friday, June 03, 2005

Costik on G4

How to spot the modern day adult gamer:

Second, I'm a televisionophone; my ex-wife says I used to sneer at her whenever she turned on the TV, and since the divorce (ten years ago), I've never had cable, on the theory that the kids have the TV turned on all the damn time when they're with her, and when they're with me they can play games or read books. I have a TV, but it's attached to my 10 console systems (with a switchbox so you can move from one to the other at the push of a button without having to fiddle with cables), and we do watch the occasional movie or South Park episode on DVD (via the PS 2), but given all the EM traffic hereabouts generated by investment banks and brokers, OTA reception sucks. So there's no practical way to watch TV. And I like it like that.
-- Greg Costikyan

Greg was just on G4, and there he talks about his rationale, like any blue-blooded American needs a reason to be on TV. In actuality, I can understand his doubts. After seeing Hatsumi on the same show, wherein they mostly talked about licking and then had her, you know lick things, as if that's pretty much her use on the net... yeah, OK ... it was just humor and everyone had a good time. Just don't ask me to take the show seriously, ya know?

But when you get a glass in hand, raise it to Greg for fighting the good fight. He talks about the three problems he sees for the gaming industry and is willing to fly twelve hours to push the effort four minutes into the future.

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