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Monday, November 26, 2007


Will the Wiipuns ever end? Is it too wiierd? Who cares.

One of the biggest concerns with the Wii is the library. I'm not sure how big of a concern it needs to be when I just got done with a two-day Thanksgiving Wiifest which largely consisted of either Wii Bowling or Wii Tennis - both which are included with the console itself.

And besides, November is turning out to be a killer month for the Wii. If you're new to the system, you have the standbys in the form of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime: 3, both of which I got a chance to preview at The Brother's over the turkey holiday and found them to be exactly what you might hope them to be - insanely well updated versions of games already classics on Nintendo's hardware. And if that wasn't enough of a no-brainer for you, Super Mario Galaxy becoming one of the highest rated games of all time sure should be.

If that's not enough Mario action for you, I keep being told that Mario Strikers Charged is the best game nobody is talking about for the system to date, which is odd since it apparently snuck in as one of the earliest examples of playing on NiWiFi with the Wii.

The brother also had Battalion Wars 2 via Gamefly, but we didn't get a chance to try it out with all the trash-talking turkey-dancing Wii Sports action that was going on. Still, makes my list.

Three suprise contenders include Zack and Wiki, which is apparently the other best game nobody is playing on the system, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 which from the previews sounds like it might either surpass or round out Metroid for gameplay with online and arcade style modes, and finally Ghost Squad, if you happen to like over the top rails shooters which have unlock codes to replace knives with bananas.

And you know you do.


Patrick said...

WiiWare dude, its gonna be great. I may be working on a few.

Josh said...

I have high hopes for WiiWare, but I wish Nintendo would start delivering some goods on it.

The demo channel, however, looks pretty sweet too.

Patrick said...

Nintendo might roll on some really innovative projects developed by third parties (I'm hoping to ride that wind as well) but I think those select companies that are licensed for Wii development will then be able to take advantage of the low barrier to entry and make a wide variety of games priced and marketed to a wide variety of niches. For instance, one programmer, Torque or Unity, a modeler and a texture artist, and a designer, four people, three if its s 2d game and you have one artist, they can make a game in three months and put it up there. Here in Argentina, thats a 10-20k budget, in the USA its like 40-60k, pretty good deal if you ask me. Of course, that can scale up.

Josh said...

Course, I'd like to see some kind of setup more akin to Microsoft's XNA where anyone with a PC can at least play around, but I'll take my victories one at a time.