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Thursday, November 29, 2007

TV Watch: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

No, it didn't premiere and you missed it or anything, only through the magic of the Internets did I somehow stumble on an preair copy of the upcoming television series which aims to fill in the Terminator storyline after the events of Terminator 2 and apparently before the events of Terminator 3.

I would say this show is of interest to three groups of people:

Firstly, anyone who wants to see Summer Glau, formerly River on Firefly, act like a kickass robot (spoiler there, but no more than the previews, so). Personally, I don't understand how this isn't every living person on the planet, but each to their own and all that jazz. If you want to see Summer Glau act like a kickass robot, certainly check this one when it premieres.

Secondly, Terminator fans who just want to see more of the franchise. It seems to handle the subject material and hold tight to the existing canon, so you're in luck there. The production value is a little bit of a mixed bag and leans to the first movie than the sequels in terms of special effects wizardy - but it is definately Terminator.

Finally, sci fi geeks looking for something next month when the writer's strike has robbed them of pretty much everything except apparently Battlestar.

I'm certainly in the first and third category, so I'll be checking it out. The Girl hadn't watched the Terminator movies (I know, I know) and said it was hard to follow and kind of shallow. So non-killer robot geeks should probably stay away.


Clamatius said...

*cough*Connor*cough*. :)

Josh said...

Doh! Thank you!

Weefz said...

Ooo, I've seen this! It was pretty good! Then again, so was the pilot episode of Bionic Woman and look what happened to that :|

Nevertheless, I still have high hopes for the Sarah Connor Chronicles. More good sci-fi on television, please.

Unknown said...

I also saw the pilot thanks to the internet. I thought it was pretty good, actually. According to Http:// it's set to air with a two night premiere, which means I'll be able to see episode 2 with any luck.

I also enjoy seeing Summer Glau as a kickass robot.