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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Activision Pulls A Fast One On Wii Owners

Rumors have been flying for a few days about Guitar Hero III being mono only for the Wii, and it is now confirmed. Can we get a boo hiss from the audience?

Not only does this suck simply because it's, well, a music based game and to be quite honest my old 36" RCA television actually has pretty good speakers, thank you much - it also just stinks of deception. Activision knew of this issue when the title launched and for golly goodness sakes, probably a lot longer than before that. Yet gamers resort to examining audio output to prove their point.

Anyone here think that the Wii version would have sold nearly as well if Activision had fessed up to this one before the launch?

I'll keep rocking out to my PS2 version, thank you much. Bite me, Activision, bite me. "May fix it", they say, in an upcoming downloadable update. Yeah, right. Oh, so the company which just happened to forget to mention that the output is mono - in a day and age when HDTV's and 5.1 stereo sounds are a gamer's goal for the living room - wants me to buy that they'll fix it later?

And shame on reviewers who missed this one.

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