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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Five Hours Of Energy

Perhaps you've seen these - almost definitely if you live in the greater Chicagoland area - the commercials portraying a poor attractive secretary who would still be bouncing around in glee, or apparently perhaps in her dream job of washing children and serving muffins, if only she had taken a "Five Hour Energy Shot" after what a neutral observer can only assume was a late night of raves, some cardio and blow.

The Girl kept commenting on how if we had to keep watching the commercial we should try some - which is sort of an odd concept of marketing logic but worked for me. We've had a couple of them on the kitchen counter for a while and so I decided to try one this morning.

First - tastes awful. Kinda like a watermelon flavored Sprite gone south. If you've had guarana or taurine drinks you know that kind of off bitter flavor they have ... well let's like that but someone tried some kind of artificial spice to cover it up. And instead of covering it up, it just added to it.

Second - not sure I can report any real boost of energy. My sinuses feel a little more energized, but that could just be the last vestiges of my otherwise vicious allergies. I certainly don't feel like offering anyone muffins.

Finally - this thing cost me like three bucks. That's expensive even by Starbucks standards for anything which doesn't include the word "espresso" during the order.

I'll stick to coffee. In fact, I may have some soon...

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