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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What I Don't Get About Assassin's Creed

Is not, rather, how it seems that the entire body of reviewers are giving it the stinkeye after having helped hype the darn thing for like a year - although if anyone can give an answer on that one, I'd be interested in hearing.

No, I don't get part of the art direction. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks real pretty. Screenshot after screenshot, video after video - the game is a looker.

What I don't get is why an assassin, who by his very profession should be a person who would like to keep his whereabouts and activities secretive - is spending a lot of time running around in a white flowing robe and cape with a bright red sash looking like a complete badass. Even when he's standing he strikes this pose that he's a complete badass.

I mean, sure - it looks neat. But if you're in the middle of some Arabian city full of brown and tan robed peeps and realized someone had just gotten killed, wouldn't you wonder hey, I wonder if it was that total badass that did like three backflips to get here. And because you're the helpful citizen you are, you can tell the local federalis that it might be the only guy in the city wearing white robes. And the local federalis would be like, oh that total badass - yeah I saw him jumping from boat to boat.

Anyway, just wondering. Don't have a 360 or PS3, so it matters little to me anyway.

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