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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

For Halloween: Ghost Squad Bikini Costumes

Trick or treat, and happy Halloween.

Included in tonight's update are two direct-feed videos of each of Ghost Squad's new party mode extras in action, including a hilarious look at Paradise Mode (the aforementioned bikini game), as well as the new Ninja Mode, and some screens of our favorite costumes in the game as well. Changes in both of the new Party Mode games are almost entirely cosmetic, but they end up going a lot farther than simply swapping out your lead character's costume, which was previously included in the actual Ghost Squad arcade game back in 2004. Rather than messing only with the lead characters, the Party Mode extras morph the main game, swapping out models for every enemy, boss, and most weapons, along with changing the controls around a bit for the players.
-- A Ghost Squad Halloween

Link has more images and videos, including a ninja outfit - and images of a Virtua Cop outfit. By the by, when I was saying Red Steel could be a rails shooter while keeping the swordplay - this is exactly what I think about.

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