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Monday, October 29, 2007

DVD Watch: Audition

Audition is an old school Japanese horror flick - and if Wikipedia has it right it has the distinction of being probably the only movie Rob Zombie thought he might walk out on. This isn't because the movie is bad - actually the movie is excellent on many points. For one thing, it's one of those older films that actually spends a good deal of time winding the story up before things get really gory.

When things get gory - they get really gory ... and not just in the usual fake exploding head kind of way. Audition is notable if anything because in this age of torture porn thrillers like Saw and Hostel - Audition manages to keep the psychological keyed in. It's not just creepy because of what's happening, like the detached scenarios of Saw, but who is doing what to whom.

I still recommend the movie, but with caution. The ending is definately not for the weak of heart.


Ron said...

So a movie from 1999 is now considered old? I had no idea.


Josh said...

Well working on a decade there Ron, so ... yeah. I think some would say yeah.