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Monday, October 29, 2007

DVD Watch: Severance

Severance is billed as one of those "black comedy horrors", but this is black as in dark, not black as in comically bleak like Shaun Of The Dead. Severance tells the tale of a corporate outing meeting up with a grisly results in the middle of the woods. It manages to be fairly scary more than a few times, but extra points go to sly metajokes about the horror genre itself - starting off with the immigrant bus driver who refuses to take the side road into the woods, but nobody understands him because he doesn't speak English.

The movie itself is English - which I only bring up because I swear there's a theme out there about urban brits being terrified of the woods. Torchwood only recently brought us an episode about a small rural town gone to hell.

It's a great movie and if you're looking to mix up Halloween with any corporate angst, there's no other choice.

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