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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So ... where was I?

This week feels a little like waking up on the other side of the rabbit hole, speaking strictly in Wonderland terms. A new job that I commute into the city via bus instead of hauling out to the suburbs with a couple hundred other cars. Married ... with a devious ring which seems intent on slipping off if I dare try and wash my hands. Two weeks of nearly complete travelling and old habits already seem to get all kinds of mixed up. I almost forgot Google Reader existed until I decided to simply mark all my feeds as read this morning so that I wouldn't even try to browse through them.

And then this morning I kept looking for my car keys. That I didn't need.

And while everyone wants to focus on the hurricane, it was such a tiny portion of what was really an amazing two weeks.

So now I'm just regrouping. My time is a little scattered and I need to take stock in what projects I was playing with before life got so terribly in the way. I've also found myself with a whole new line of tech to play with - Flex - which combines what I like about general web development while removing most of my complaints about Flash. Plus I'll be working with some Apollo/AIR while here, so I don't know what I might use there for some personal projects.

I'll probably post an opinion on Oblivion when I get a chance today, as I managed to finish the main storyline a few weeks ago.


Weefz said...

Congratulations on finishing the Oblivion storyline! Oh, and the wedding. Hope it was all good. Welcome back :)

Woobinda said...

Congratulations on the wedding!

Josh said...