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Friday, August 24, 2007

Halo 3's "Forge" Map Editor

On Gaming Today:

Halo 3 just got a million times better with one simple, yet really sweet
addition. Campaign mode just got a whole lot more exiting than ever before
with the addition of the "Forge" map editing system, which was announced at ...
Read Full Article, GC: Halo 3 Map Editor

We've mentioned before that if you remove all the hype from Sony's "Game 3.0" concept - you pretty much just go back to good old days of programs liked DoomEd. This kind of user-generated content is something PC users have grown to enjoy, if not expect, for some time.

What's a shame is that Halo 3 won't share the same kind of possibility that Unreal Tournament III for the PS3 apparently will have - integration between the PS3 and PC platforms. Don't get me wrong - a Halo 3 map editor is a great thing ... but it's a shame the whole "Games For Windows" marketblitz can't get tapped for something useful (like PC users making maps and mods for 360 users).

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