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Friday, August 24, 2007

iPhone? What about my Gphone?

On Techmeme:

*Forget iPhone, the Gphone is here* Google, the nearly $13.5 billion
search engine major, is believed to be a fortnight away from the worldwide
launch of its much-awaited Google Phone (Gphone) and has started talks with
service providers in India ...
Read Full Article, Forget iPhone, the Gphone is here (

Supposedly a worldwide launch is about to be announced, if one is to believe the mumblevine crop. I'm rather on the fence about it and unfortunately the people I know at Google are both incredibly secretive and probably not related to the project, should it exist.

Google's really won me over with most of their apps though - I religiously use GMail,GReader and GDocs these days. Even on my 8525 phone, I mostly use GMail through Pocket IE.

On a completely different note - apparently PDA phones are extremely rare in St. Lucia. One of the zipline staff told me a phone like mine could sell for about two grand on the island.

Wonder how much a new Gphone would cost?

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