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Thursday, August 23, 2007

BioShock's Potential Controversy

On Joystiq:

We knew it was coming. Any game that features little girls as an enemy was
bound to eventually draw the attention of the mainstream media. That
attention has been brought by the *Boston ...
Read Full Article, BioShock's Little Sister killing gets mainstream attention

I bet this doesn't have much traction in the long run. The article in question carries forth many of the now average stock fearmongering tactics ... basically linking to similar stories with poor science and scare tactics. The opening paragraph refers to the "ultraviolent gaming genre" to let you know of its slant in the beginning.

For the record - if a little girl was in fact some kind of lethal mutant ... I might indeed pull the trigger. I bet the Patriot Ledger might as well.


Unknown said...

Isn't it the whole point of drama, to put a character in an untenable position? Ie, I've got to shoot this little girl or she'll kill me?

Isn't it the point of video games to put us in these dramatic situations?

Josh said...

Gamers would agree - but sadly there's a contingent out there wondering why we arent all still just playing Frogger.

But yeah - the defense in the article is a lot more interesting than the attack.

Anonymous said...

Frogger?! Oh, won't someone think of the amphibians?!