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Monday, June 04, 2007

Sony Phone Rumors

Sony's mobile phone division is apparently looking at a gaming-centric phone, a market that so far has had a history of failure, of which Nokia can easily testify to.

A patent from late last year shows a device that looks something like a PSP retooled to work as a mobile phone. The screen on phone can flip 90 degrees to make it look ike a slim PDA, or the phone can be turned horizontally to have a landscape mode screen orientation and a control set much like a handheld gaming device.

This discovery comes soon after the announcement that VOIP functionality on the PSP was to be officially supported by Sony, last week.
-- PSP gaming phone spotted

Times like that make me wish Apple would team up with an existing game powerhouse. An iPhone design/touchscreen that can play PS1 games which I could buy off iTunes? *swoon* Sadly, twill not happen. Still I find it a little bizarre that gaming phones in general aren't more popular. Phones are almost closer cousins to handhelds than PDA's. Easier to control a game with a lousy numberpad than it is to do about two thirds of the PIM functions.

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