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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shadowrun on XP? Don't bet on it.

Ah yes, once again Microsoft shoots us XP users in the foot. Shadowrun is getting mixed reviews, although to be honest I think the biggest complaint 360 users have with it is that it isn't Halo 3 ... even if they won't admit it.

Course, it could be the finest shooter ever made - but I won't know because Microsoft is too busy trying to force everyone onto Vista. This is despite the fact that Vista drivers still aren't quite on par with XP or how well or if games run in general. Microsoft doesn't really care, see, just like they've been ditching the original Xbox, their love for XP gamers has clearly run its course.

I mean, I've only used XP on like three different gaming rigs and purchased countless of titles for the platform. But I know, I know, what have I done for them lately, right?

Now a company comes along to say that they'll help run Vista games on XP. Just preorder the title through their Amazon link and when they get the tech to let you run it, you'll be able to download it. Obviously I love the idea - and double points for biting their thumbs at Microsoft for this practice ... but I'm not exactly rushing to preorder (or order) a game with the hopes that someone will beat Microsoft at their oldest game in the future. Best wishes to Falling Leaf, but call me when you have something. I'd rather pay a premium for a download than make that bet.

Thankfully developers who want to sell as many units as possible, like Capcom and Epic, will continue to support XP gamers for at least the near future ... and probably a while past then. Whether the market will go a way that will force me into Vista remains to be seen, but these tactics are only making it less likely for me ... not more.

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