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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Microsoft - Running Out Of Replacement 360's

Officer Ravitch discovered last Friday that his Xbox 360 died on him in a classic New York "You gotta' be frickin' kidding me!" moment. He loves his Xbox 360, it's his "favorite system," but the "constant breaking down is amazing" to him. He called Microsoft, as he's done three times before. This next console will be his fourth since the 360 launch. He bought the $60 two-year warranty after his last failure and also received a 50% repair discount after arguing the last time. Microsoft support told him he'd have his box by Tuesday. After not receiving a confirmation that this Xbox 360 coffin was sent (which he received the last time he did this), he decided to call support again. They informed him his box wasn't sent because "the service department is running very low on boxes, so it will take a little longer than expected to get that box" out to him. Ravitch was shocked. Is Microsoft getting back so many defective systems that they don't have a fresh supply of coffins anymore?
-- Anecdotal: Microsoft low on Xbox 360 coffins [Joystiq] via FileFront

Microsoft needs a hardware revision. They needed one last year.


Unknown said...

I feel compelled to point out that -- as of this moment -- there have been very few PS3 hardware failures reported on forums and in the media. Compared to what people felt was Sony's shoddy work on the PSOne and PS2 (remember people turning their PSOne machines on the side or upside down to get them to work?), they're looking pretty good next to Microsoft's hardware.

Of course, when you pay $500-$600, it better be reliable.

Josh said...

I think when you poke at the PS3 - it seems to have decent to good construction. For instance, the answer to "how does its large PSU not cause heat problems" is "they used quality heat sinks instead of cheap big fans".

Honestly the facts seem to indicate that side by side, the Xbox Elite is simply a shoddy version of a PlayStation3.

And by shoddy - I mean shoddy.

But Microsoft's FUD has been so good (Kotaku once featured Peter Moore not once, not twice - but three times in one day after all) - that people are still reporting about Sony's financial woes than what consumers are actually taking home.

And I know a lot of this is still anecdotal - but there is a lot of anecdotal, its all bad to horrible, and I don't trust Microsoft's party line on the issue (see their love for "sold" v "shipped" as to way).

I think the 360 could be a great machine, but more and more I'm resolved not to buy one until they revised hardware completely.