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Monday, June 04, 2007

Battlestar To End With Season 4

Slashdot confirms the fluctuating rumor of Galactica's end - detailing a press release which states creative reasons for ending the show "on their own terms".

I think it's probably a good idea. If they want to extend the franchise, spinoffs will probably do more justice to the storyline than trying to stretch this one out. Lost is a great example of what can happen to your premise when you do things like add Nikki and Paolo into it.


Chris said...

I am happy about this. It means my DVD collection won't be so expensive to complete, and it means the 4th season should have plenty in it.

Season 3 had too many slow parts.

The only thing that concerns me is that I understand they are getting a lot less funding per episode due to the low ratings. I hope it doesn't show too badly.

Josh said...

I was so oblivious to BG's declining ratings. S3 was definately not as strong as either season before it, but I do think it ended well and look forward to seeing S4 close out the story.

Winkyboy said...

I think the comic book syndrome has finally latched onto TV serials. They just should not last for extended periods of time.

I like my comic books in the form of graphic novels, and I want my TV/Movies the same way: A definite beginning, a satisfying end. And if there happens to be another semi-related book in the series, then okay, I'll check it out.

Thus, I think this is a great thing for Battlestar.