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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"PlayStation" Shooting

"This is not another Virginia Tech," Cardinale said. "This is simply a dispute between one person and a group of individuals."

Police identified the deceased victim as a 19-year-old former student at Fresno State. The wounded men, 19 and 22, were taken to a hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds. One was a current student and the other was planning to enroll, police said. It was unclear what happened to the fourth man.

Police would not release the names of any of the victims, but said all were acquaintances of Brooks who lived in the same apartment complex.

A man with a bloody bandage on his left shoulder who described himself as one of the victims told The Associated Press the dispute started when he and the other victims accused Brooks of stealing a Playstation video game console and game.

"The guy who shot us -- he had stolen from our apartment. We went to confront him with the evidence and it just turned ugly from there. He pulled a gun out on us," said Drew Pfeiff, 22, a Fresno State junior from Raleigh, N.C.

Brooks fired five or six times, grazing Pfeiff, he said.

"I hope they find him," Pfeiff said. "People don't deserve to die for stupid stuff like this."
-- Playstation dispute provokes shooting death

Of course the fact that it was a game console will surely be highlighted multiple times. Not that it matters when it could be anything just as meaningless when it comes to a human life ... an iPod, notebook computer, etc.

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