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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back to those controllers...

So we've been playing on the React and Nerf controllers a bit longer. The Nerf controller has held up to its promise. Actually, The Girl tossed it across the room once and a shoulder button popped off. After a very quick bout of panic it seemed the button was rather well designed for this and we managed to simply pop it back on.

The React controller, on the other hand, has been shelved. The real problem isn't the completely useless tilt function - but rather it's almost useless wireless function. Once the controller is turned off or goes to sleep - it has one hell of a time picking up the signal again. It's not a lot of fun to return from the fridge only to have to spend a few frustrating minutes pressing various buttons and begging a controller to recognize a transmitter two centimeters away.

And I make a lot of trips to the fridge...

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