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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Millennials" Go "Where Games Are Played Online"

Sixty-two percent of Millennials said they frequently or occasionally socialized on the Internet, versus 38 percent of the rest of the participants in the survey, a 63 percent advantage. Other prominent Millennial online activities include watching content created by others: 71 percent vs. 51 percent (+39 percent); reading or posting on message boards: 51 percent vs. 38 percent (+34 percent); reading blogs: 55 percent vs. 36 percent (+53 percent); creating personal content: 58 percent vs. 34 percent (+71 percent); maintaining own personal Web site: 36 percent vs. 22 percent (+64 percent); and keeping a web log (blog): 35 percent vs. 18 percent (+94 percent).

Among the more mainstream Web activities, Millennials invest significant time in the following: searching, downloading or listening to music, 78 percent vs. 50 percent (+56 percent); visiting gaming sites where games can be played online, 66 percent vs. 49 percent (+35 percent); and watching You Tube or other video-streaming sites, 62 percent vs. 36 percent (+72 percent). Further, almost half (48 percent) visit a television Web site in a typical week.
-- 'Millennials' Defying the Old Models

If you don't know what millenial is - don't feel bad ... they used to be called Gen Y'rs. You know you're the target of marketing hounds when your demographic has not one, but two nicknames. The gist I get here is that over half of them enjoy playing games from web sites. It's a little higher than I would have expected from a generation brimming to the gills with mobile forms of entertainment - but it speaks to the trend that casual online games are no passing fancy.

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