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Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost To End In 2010

Apparently ABC made a public announcement that their hit show Lost would run until 2010 and then end. This is a response to the flagging ratings of season three foremost it seems. I just heard on NPR while running some errands - I'll try and find out more concrete info tomorrow.

OK, more info:

The end is in sight for ABC's acclaimed island mystery Lost, but fans will have to wait until 2010 for all the answers.

In a highly unusual move, the network announces plans today to end the show after three more shortened seasons of 16 episodes each. The episodes will air consecutively, repeat-free, from February to May.
-- One mystery solved: 'Lost' to end in 2010 -

Thanks Thomas! On the radio they noted more about the causes (ratings) and that apparently this is taking a page from HBO's book, but I can't say I'm familiar enough with their shows to get the connection. Is this a shame? I dunno, I've always advocated that Lost needed a firm deadline so that it could stop wandering around the main mystery and story. Still, I think the ratings were due to fix themselves just by having higher caliber writing in general.


Thomas said... to the rescue: Lost to end in 2010 after three more seasons of 16 episodes.

Unknown said...

That's probably one season too long. I appreciate having a show on TV that I actually want to watch, but I'm concerned that they've given themselves too much credit. It's a fun show, but I am not sure it's 3 more years worth of fun show.

Josh said...

True - but there only 48 episodes left. Average season is about 22 episodes, so the remaining story is really only about two more season, just spread out thinly.

If anything I think this is an acknolwedgment that their tactics to pad out the show (Oh, hello Nikki) weren't working.