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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Writing Fox News On Jack Thompson

I just sent this to

I was extremely disappointed to see that Fox News decided to air Jack Thompson in their coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy. For Thompson to make statements regarding the causes of this nightmare even before the killer's identity was public is a baseless and senseless act of sensationalism - for which Fox is partially to blame.

Thompson makes a living capitalizing on this kind of violence and trying to assert claims which later prove untrue - particularly when he actually presses a case in court. Brian Crecente, writing for the blog Kotaku, points to the numerous factual errors Thompson made on Fox News:

This is but a small portion of Thompson's career of misinformation and outrageous claims which include racist and demeaning comments, once comparing Doug Lowenstein as a Nazi and apologizing to Saddam Hussein if he had made Saddam look as bad as Doug.

Is that the kind of personality Fox puts on television these days? A person who will apologize to the butcher of Baghdad to make a point?

I would hope that your network would make more sound judgements in the future. Thompson is no "school shootings expert" and has no business being on the air.

For the record:

"If I did, I want to apologize to Saddam Hussein"

- Jack Thompson

I mean, by Fox standards that makes Jack practically a terrorist.

I encourage other gamers to do the same.

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